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Paws in the Pews

October 3, 2017

Once a year, animals - domestic, farm, exotic of all sizes and shapes attend church with humans to celebrate them and to receive blessings. With or without a pet, it is one of the most solo friendly Sunday morning events in New York City.

Part of the thrill is mingling before the event. People and pets arrive early to secure an aisle seat for the procession of animals which include furry friends such as a camel, a horse, a donkey, a chinchilla, an assortment featured friends and reptiles....

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Hidden Treasure

October 7, 2017

More and more I’ve noticed mural art that brings life to vacant store fronts and buildings around New York City. It adds vibrancy, entertainment and insight about what’s on the Artists’s mind

This exhibit on Frederick Douglas Boulevard near 125th street in Harlem stood out. It was a museum like curated display of multimedia art. It called out to me to stop and study and admire the shadow boxes recessed in a boarded up store front. This work was a mirrored sculpture which reflected images...

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Visual Storytelling

October 21, 2017

“What are you celebrating?”, the photographer asked. “Reinvention” I replied and her response was,“I love reinvention, tell me more”. “For 30 years I was a Chemist in the corporate world and now I’m an Artisan and this feels right”.

She stepped away and asked me to toss around confetti as she captured my adventure I did it with abandon. I laid down and encouraged onlookers to blanket me with snow and they did.

I took a quick photo afterwards with my point and shoot camera and it confirmed...

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Shopping Adventure

October 25, 2017

One of the quirky, unique things about downtown Brooklyn, NY is its population of stores that sell wigs. It’s the wig capital of the world! I set out to purchase a fun wig as a part of a costume ensemble I'm creating.  

Wigs are serious business, Each store had hundreds of them and have large fitting areas that mimic a backstage dressing room. My interest in a novelty wig opened the flood gates to learning about a beauty culture where women's wardrobe of wigs are as large as their wardrobe...

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October 30, 2017


I did a double take. A nearby concert came across my radar that featured pipe organ music, local singers, musicians, a silent film and a Halloween costume contest. It was last minute and it sounded terrific.

I lept into action to complete my Halloween costume.  I crafted a leafy bracelet and matching ring to help people identify me as the action figure, Poison Ivy.

I introduced myself to concert goers and offered my hand covered with vine. Most admired my green wig and green sparkled...

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